Birchwood Knife Sharpening

Serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk.

Don't let a dull edge slow down your work or hobbies. We specialize in hand sharpening cutlery knives, scissors, beauty and grooming shears, clipper blades, axes, pruners, chainsaws, woodworking chisels, planes, garden tools, lawnmower blades and many more. Located near the Birchwood Shopping Center.

If your profession requires a sharp edge, ask about our professional/commercial sharpening services. We offer restaurants regular sharpening services including a knife exchange program. For barber shops, salons, and pet groomers we now offer mobile shear sharpening with clipper blade sharpening offered soon. We also offer resharpening services for industrial and manufacturing needs.


Do I need an appointment?
No appointment necessary.  It's easy, fast, secure and contact-less to have your knives or tools sharpened. You can drop off at any time by securely leaving your items in the drop off lockers in front of our location.

How long does it take?
Our services are first come first served and we have most orders ready for pickup in 1-3 days.

How much does it cost?
Cost varies on the level of service and type of tool to be sharpened. Kitchen knives are priced by length, but generally average $11/each for Professional Hand Sharpening. See our Pricing page for a full breakdown.

Do you offer mobile services?
We offer mobile services for our professional and restaurant customers. Call us to schedule.

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Knife Sharpening Services

We provide premium whetstone sharpening for your kitchen or hunting knives, woodworking tools, or any edge requiring a high degree of polish. We can sharpen high end steels with high Rockwell hardness ratings and specialize in honing the perfect, razor sharp edge on your cutting tools. Regular sharpening is an important part of edge maintenance. Whetstone sharpening keeps your knife edge cool with water so there is no chance of ruining your knife's temper. Give us a call today to have us professionally sharpen your favorite cutlery or tool.

For knives requiring a less polished edge we offer "Quick-Sharpening." This is a great option for softer steels or less expensive knives and leaves a courser, toothy edge suitable for the home chef.

Check out all of our Services to learn more or Contact Us to find out more.

Beauty/Barber/Groomer Sharpening

We offer mobile sharpening for convex, beveled, and semi convex shears for Stylists, Barbers and pet Groomers. Call to schedule your shears to be sharpened right in your place of business. Our professional shear sharpener maintains the correct angle and we can match any factory blade radius, including curved shears. We can also fix ride line issues, alignment problems and adjust your shears to cut correctly without pushing or pulling hair.

Check out all of our Services to learn more or Contact Us to find out more.

Restaurant Services

Let us help maintain some of your most important kitchen tools. We provide regular, scheduled sharpening for your knives and other edged kitchen utensils. Depending on your needs, we’ll deliver to your restaurant regularly and exchange a set of your dull knives with a matching set of expertly sharpened knives. With our exchange program you’ll always have sharp knives in the kitchen or bar.

Check out all of our Services to learn more or Contact Us to find out more.

Lawn and Garden

Axes, chainsaws, pruners, lawnmowers blades and shears all perform best with a sharp, correct edge. Different tools perform unique tasks and require an edge suited to it's use. A sharp edge makes consistent cuts with less fatigue, and reduces the chance of mistakes and injury. Give us a call today to have us professionally restore the correct cutting edge to your lawn and garden tools.

We can also adjust and sharpen your reel mowers! With proper lapping to sharpen the blades and precise adjustment, your reel mower can be back in top shape.

Check out all of our Services to learn more or Contact Us to find out more.


We can provide regular service for your industrial use scissors or cutting instruments for a wide range of manufacturing uses. We have the experience to sharpen your scissors/tools to cut tough fabrics and fiber.

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