About Us

Everyone has heard the adage that “a sharp knife is a safe knife.” I really take that to heart and strive to properly sharpen my customer’s edged tools using the correct skills and best equipment. Knowing that my customer is going to be using a potentially dangerous tool, I don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Sharp tools are safer, take less effort to use, and ultimately last longer. Let me help you get back to enjoying your hobbies or work quickly with a tune up for your edged tools.

I’m Garrett, and I started Birchwood Knife Sharpening in 2019 seeing a need for a fast, friendly, and professional sharpening service in the VB area. I know the importance of working with a trusted professional, especially when it comes to your valued knives and tools.

Give me a call today to inquire about a repair or sharpening. I want to make sure you have a great experience using your edged tools.

Check out our FAQ's page or Contact us with any questions.

-Garrett, Owner, Birchwood Knife Sharpening