Professional Edge Sharpening and Repair for Your Knives and Tools

Let us professionally restore the correct cutting edge on your  knives, scissors and tools. Sharp edges are great, but the correct edge is also an important part of safely using edged tools. Each knife is unique and is custom sharpened, by hand with quality whetstones, based on knife's design and use. A correctly sharpened tool also retains an edge longer and performs better.

We use drop-off lockers at our location for customers to securely leave items and we have most orders ready for pickup in 1-3 days. You can drop off at any time by placing your items in  an empty locker, and locking them securely before you leave. Be sure you leave your contact info. Check out our FAQ's page or  Contact us with any questions.

See our Pricing page for up to date sharpening service rates.

Whetstone Sharpening Service

Regular sharpening of knives and tools is an important aspect of maintenance, safe use, and effectiveness. We make it easy and fast to have your knives and tools professionally sharpened. We sharpen by hand using whetstones for the absolute best edge on all knives including high hardness European and Japanese steels. This service provides a high degree of polish and a razor sharp edge.

Correct edge geometry has a significant impact on the user's experience. The type of edge on your knives and tools is different for the purpose it serves. We  have the skills and tools to apply correct edge angle based on manufacturers recommendations or the customer's desires.

We can restore a flawless edge for your chisels, planes, flat bars, scrapers, scissors and other tools. After sharpening, your tools will glide smoothly through cuts and woodworking chisels and planes will be sharp enough to shave with (please don't actually do this). We won't settle for less than a perfect edge and have the skills and tools to apply correct edge to your tool.

Contact Us now, we can help you save time with our sharpening services. Or check out our Pricing page for up to date service rates.

Barber/Beauty Shear Sharpening

Mobile, onsite, sharpening for convex, beveled, and semi convex shears for Stylists, Barbers and Groomers. Our sharpener can travel to your place of business and sharpen your grooming tools while you work. We can sharpen, repair and maintain your shears with our professional shear sharpening equipment. Our equipment is very quiet and all we would need is access to an electrical outlet and a small amount of space to sharpen at your location.

Sharpeners take great care to match the correct angle and blade radius. We can sharpen shears up to 14" long, curved shears, and thinners. We can also fix ride line issues, alignment problems and adjust your shears to cut correctly without pushing or pulling hair.

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We also offer "Quick-Sharpening" for knives made of softer steels or less expensive knives. This sharpening method provides a sharp, but courser, toothy edge suitable for the home chef. We'll also remove any chips or damage to your knife.

This is a fast, affordable option for customers who need a sharp edge, for their less expensive cutlery, but do not require a highly polished edge. We are unable to provide this service for knives with high hardness steels.

Most Quick-Sharpening customers can pick up their knives the next day after drop-off.

Contact Us now, we can help you save time with our sharpening services. Or check out our Pricing page for up to date service rates.

Garden and Lawn Tools

We can restore the working edge on your garden shears, pruners, axes, chainsaws, and machetes. A sharp edge makes consistent cuts with minimal effort, reducing the chance of mistakes and injury. Clean cuts also help maintain healthy growth for trees and plants and help prevent disease.

Different tools perform unique tasks and require an edge suited to it's use. We have the skills and tools to apply the correct, sharpened edge for the tool you have. We can perform sharpening for your gas or battery powered tools as well.

If your lawn and garden tools are not cutting correctly, Contact Us now to have us professionally restore the correct cutting edge. Or check out our Pricing page for up to date service rates.

Restaurant Services

We can deliver a new set of sharpened knives directly to your kitchen staff at your restaurant weekly or biweekly. You’ll receive regular, scheduled sharpening for your knives and other edged kitchen utensils. Depending on your needs, we’ll visit your restaurant regularly and exchange a set of your dull knives with a matching set of expertly sharpened knives. With our exchange program you’ll always have sharp knives in the kitchen or bar. Pricing of exchange knives is per each, call to inquire.

We can also pickup, sharpen, and deliver your kitchen’s knives if your establishment has specialty items. Pickup and drop off can be arranged around your establishment’s schedule. Pricing varies from the exchange program, call to inquire.

Contact Us to discuss your kitchen's needs. Or check out our Pricing page for up to date service rates.


Does your lawnmower blade slice cleanly through each blade of grass or are the edges of your grass ragged and brown? Not only are the ragged, brown edges unsightly, the ripped edges are susceptible to disease. This can cause brown patches and unhealthy looking lawns. If this is the case, or as preventative maintenance sharpening the blade is a great place to start.

We can sharpen your mower blade fast to help you keep your lawn looking healthy and green. We can regrind a sharp, but long lasting edge, much sharper than from the factory, that slices effortlessly through your grass.

We can also adjust and sharpen your reel mowers! With proper lapping to sharpen the blades and precise adjustment, your reel mower can be back in top shape.

Bring us just the blade or the mower itself for sharpening and re-balancing. Minor maintenance services also available upon request. Contact Us now to schedule. Or check out our Pricing page for up to date service rates.


Some of our knives and tools spend time in less than ideal environments. Water, dirt, acids from food, and metal rarely mix and even the best quality steel can rust. Rust is not only unsightly, but can effect the safe use of knives and tools. We can perform rust removal, restoration, and repair your knives and tools.

More than just rust removal for regularly used knives or tools, we can restore your antiques too. We can remove rust, free seized adjustment hardware, and repair and restore the cutting edge.

Let us restore an antique that's part of your collection or a return a knife or tool back to regular service. Contact Us now for a quote. Or check out our Pricing page for up to date service rates.