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Birchwood did an awesome job sharpening my knives and had them back to me in a flash! Wouldn't be surprised if they were sharper than when they were new!

Fantastic job on a set of Kitchen knives I dropped off. Easy to work with and very responsive. I will absolutely bring knives to him again.

Garrett is super nice and friendly. He sharpened 3 of my knives and I can actually cut a tomato again without squishing it. :). Had my knives back next day. Highly recommend!

I called Garrett on Friday to ask about his knife sharpening services as I wanted to get a set of 10 kitchen knives & scissors sharpened. I dropped off the knife set on Monday and he had them ready for ,pick-up on the next day. The knives were professionally sharpened and cleaned. They are very sharp and easy to cut meats, vegtables and other foods.

Garrett did a phenomenal job sharpening my axe, splitting wedge, and four chisels that I use for hand cut dovetails. The chisels easily shaved the hair off of my arm. The axe feels extremely sharp, and I cannot wait until this weekend to test it out. I think the best part was his customer service. He responded to my email within a couple of hours. Garrett offered next day pick up as well. Quality work and outstanding customer service in one package.

I cannot overstate this, the sharpening came out simply amazing. My Norseman is sharper than when i received it from the factory as were all the kitchen knives. I couldn’t be happier with these results and will be utilizing his services again very soon. Additionally all of these knives were dropped off I’m not the best shape on a Sunday evening. They are all back in my hands today and it’s Monday!

We had purchased a very expensive Japanese knife. Someone in our family had gouged this knife leaving it unusable. I contacted Garrett on Nextdoor to sharpen the knife AND remove the gouges. He did an EXCELLENT job and he didn't take a long time. His prices are wonderful and we highly recommend him to sharpen knives.

Garrett sharpened several vintage scissors for us. He really took his time to go over them thoroughly and all if them are working fine and cut better than before. I recommend you use him for your sharpening needs!

Great company and a great owner. I have a set of Japanese Shun Knives. These are different from most knives because of the edge of the blade so you need a professional to sharpen them. I found birch wood knife and tool sharpening and told him what I had. He assured me that he the proper equipment and skill to take care of my needs. Well, he did a fantastic job. Super sharp knives and he even got a big chip and bend out of a couple. Couldn’t be happier. I will absolutely be back. Would highly recommend.